Kendall HargerPastor Kendall Harger

I love my family! Juli and I have been married for 32  years. She is my bride and best friend.  If I were asked the question today, “Do you…”,  I would still say I do!! God has blessed us with three boys, Luke (Trina), Christian (Nicola), and Alex. I am excited to watch as God leads them through life.

In my free time I like to: Kayak, Hike, or Bike

Scripture life verse: Psalm 16:8 NIV   “I have set the LORD always before me. Because he is at my right hand, I will not be shaken.”

Nobody knows that I: love Oreo Cookies especially with a glass of milk.

The most incredible thing about our church is: The love the people have for each other and for people in the community which is prompted by their great love for God.

Nothing brings more joy to my heart than: hearing that someone is moving closer to Christ in their spiritual walk. That they are engaging God by reading His Word and following His lead.

I feel called by God to: Preach the Word in such a way that people hear it, understand it, and can apply it to their lives. I also feel called to help people navigate life by putting Christ in control of their lives.


Blair AndersonBlair W. Anderson

Family… Two sons Ben, 36 (Christine) and grandkids, Connor, Tristan, and Aurora;  Pete, 31 (Katrina)

I wish I could figure out….  How to always be ready to say and do what He wants me to at all times

I wish I had time to….. Write more

Scripture life verse…….. Not really a life verse, but I rely a lot on Proverbs 3:5-6 and Romans 8:28

Nobody knows that I….  If I told, it wouldn’t be true anymore

The most incredible thing about our church is…….  The transition that has taken place in the last 4-5 years, and the openness and trust that exists within our fellowship

The current book on my nightstand….. “The Problem of Pain” by C. S. Lewis

I wish everyone would……..  Recognize and embrace all that God offers each of us

I am most excited about……..  A lot of things, including the future of our church in our community

If I could invite two people to dinner: living, dead, or fictional I would invite…..  The Apostle Paul and C. S. Lewis.  I’ll wait to see Jesus ‘til the time comes

My walk with Christ has taught me…  Trust, humility and confidence in all circumstances

The one movie that I would watch over and over again……  Casablanca

I was saved…  for a purpose

My life changed when……. I finally allowed Jesus to influence my life

I thank God everyday for…  His love and sovereignty

Mike KeilerMike Kieler

I am married to Kathy, who does the accounting for our business, Thousand Hills Embryo Transfer Service. We have a daughter Heidi who is married and has a PHD in Chemistry and is a research scientist for Merck in Boston, MA. Jeff our son-in-law is finishing up his Seminary Degree. Our second daughter Ashley works for Epic Systems in Verona, WI as a computer technician.

In my free time I like to… spend time outdoors. I enjoy time in the woods- whether it is bow hunting, cutting wood, or just watching the trees grow.

Scripture life verse….Colossians 3:23 whatever you do work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord not men…

Nobody knows that I…like a good crossword puzzle (but not too hard).

My proudest moment…getting married and having two beautiful daughters and a beautiful wife.

The most incredible thing about our church is…the caring and helping that occurs behind the scenes. There is a lot of ministry that goes on just because of the love in this church.

I am most excited about….We have a great Pastor! Kendall has been given a vision for where we should be heading and how to get there. Our entire staff is gifted!

I was saved…after a music concert at our church in 1981 at the A&W Rootbeer Stand.

I feel called by God to…be involved in a “helps” ministry. I have a lot of handyman type skills.


MIke MillerMike Miller

Ron RobsonRon Robson

 Married 45 years to my wife, Mary.  We live 10 miles south of Spring Green in an area known as Pleasant Ridge.  Our son Nate is married to Stephanie, they live in Spring Green and have three children, Brianna, Cayden, and Easton.  He is a self-employed carpenter.  Our daughter Sarah is unmarried and is a structural engineer in Milwaukee.
Scripture Life Verse:  Psalm 51:10-12
I feel called by God to:  Serve others—family, church, friends, neighbors, and anyone experiencing “difficulty”.
In my free time I like to:  Study God’s Word, read, do puzzles, watch sports, raise chickens, garden, bike, hike, fish, hunt, camp, grill out and “tinker”.

John SchnellerJohn Schneller

I am blessed to be father to young adults. Claire and Pete live close-by and are awaiting the arrival of another generation of blessing. Josh is nearing the end of his studies and awaiting the arrival of a new life (other than studying). Our family experienced disruption a few years back that took us through difficult times but definitely redirected my life. Hopefully focusing my eyes on His Kingdom, I have come to value the brokenness that happens in life.

I wish I could figure out: Balance . . . in more than one area of life.

In my free time I like to: Write. Actually, I imagine more than I write, but I have this ‘edge of reality’ epic story nearing completion.

If I could invite two people to dinner: living, dead, or fictional I would invite… I often imagine spending time with a cobbler from some small European village several centuries ago . . . a man who lived quietly with unhindered love and devotion to the Lord. And if C.S. Lewis could bring Aslan along . . . definitely!

My walk with Christ has taught me… to value the ‘least of these’, and think of all believers as my brothers and sisters, especially the poor, persecuted, imprisoned.

My perfect day: Don’t think I’ve seen it yet.



TobieTobie Seguin

Family…  Alex, my beautiful wife; and Sam and Kayla, my awesome children.

My life changed when… my brother formed a band.

I was saved… at a College Dance in 1989.

My walk with Christ has taught me… that I need to live my life on purpose.

I feel called by God to… love and care for the people of Spring Green.

Scripture life verse:  Hebrews 12:14

My perfect day… doesn’t have an itinerary.

Nobody knows that I… love black and white “B” horror movies.  The cheesier the better.

My proudest moment… was the birth of my kids.

The most incredible thing about our church is… our loving/welcoming nature.

Nothing brings more joy to my heart than… seeing/hearing others worship God through song.

The current book on my nightstand… is “Engage” by Searcy and Hatley and “The Yellow Dog” by Simenon

I wish everyone would… give each other more grace.

I am most excited about… the progress we’ve made with Sunday’s Worship experience.

If I could invite two people to dinner: living, dead, or fictional I would invite…  A.W. Tozer and G.K Chesterton.

The one movie that I would watch over and over again… is MST 3K